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Using Cold Email Outreach To Find New Clients

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One thing we come across when working with marketing consultants and agencies is just how poor some of them are at marketing their own businesses.  They often have an out of date website (if they have one at all), very little strategy and rely almost entirely on client referrals.

On the other hand when advising clients they are perfectionists with an incredible eye for detail and buckets of creativity.

Let’s face it, that is why they get referrals in the first place, right?  Because they are really good!

They just don’t have the time to focus on their own marketing.  Why?  Because they are focused on client work.

The problem they have relying on referrals is that in a bear market many clients typically pull out of the market which then causes referrals to dry up.  This leaves the marketing consultant with a dangerous feedback loop within their business.  In short, the work that came in from those referrals drops away and because they have not worked on building their own independent prospect pipeline, there is nothing to replace it.

If this sounds familiar then we invite you to join our FREE webinar on Friday at 3pm (London),  10am (New York).

Over the course of 1 hour you will discover how to create a 1-2-1 Cold Email Outreach campaign specifically designed to help Marketing Consultants and Agencies develop a completely independent prospect pipeline and find new customers.

In this webinar, our co-founder and cold email outreach expert, Duncan Gledhill will show you, step by step how to generate a completely independent prospect pipeline and find new customers using 1-2-1 cold email outreach using the following proven method:

  • How to identify the profile of your target customer audience
  • How to source lookalike prospects
  • How to write email copy that cuts through clutter and creates impact for you
  • How to deliver your cold email outreach campaign to the inbox and avoid filters
  • How to create a custom audience on Facebook targeting the prospects in your email list

Places are strictly limited to no more than 100 registrations so it is important you register quickly if you want to attend.

All registrants will receive a downloadable checklist to help them follow the process identified.

Duncan Gledhill

Cold 1-2-1 Email Outreach Works! (but how?) presented by

Duncan Gledhill
Director @Emailmovers Limited
A Cold Email Outreach Expert with over 17 Years Experience. Co-Founder of Emailmovers focused on Business to Business Lead Generation techniques and strategies.