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Cold 1-2-1 Email Outreach Works! (but how?)

Join us on Friday 29th May, at 4pm

Business has changed significantly since the 23rd March, for all of us. No one is unaffected by the impact of the national lock down, we have all had to find ways of adapting and it may take many more weeks, if not months before things return to anywhere near normal.

If you, like us are working from home you may be looking for more ways to cost effectively generate warm leads to help keep your business going.

In this webinar, our co-founder and cold email outreach expert, Duncan Gledhill will show you, step by step how to generate warm leads using 1`-2-1 cold email outreach using the following proven method:

  • How to identify the profile of your target audience
  • How to source lookalike prospects
  • How to write email copy that cuts through clutter and creates impact.
  • How to deliver your cold email outreach campaign to the inbox and avoid filters.

Places are strictly limited to no more than 100 registrations so it is important you register quickly if you want to attend.

All registrants will receive a downloadable checklist to help them follow the process identified.

Duncan Gledhill

Cold 1-2-1 Email Outreach Works! (but how?) presented by

Duncan Gledhill
Director @Emailmovers Limited
A Cold Email Outreach Expert with over 17 Years Experience. Co-Founder of Emailmovers focused on Business to Business Lead Generation techniques and strategies.