What's changed with B2B email marketing during the lock down

On March 23rd Boris Johnson made an unprecedented announcement asking people across the United Kingdom to work from home where possible.

As a result of this, direct marketing as we know it changed dramatically over the course of the next 24 hours and B2B Email Marketing became the go to channel for companies across the U.K. striving to keep their companies running and their staff in full-time employment.

Over the last few weeks Emailmovers has delivered many different cold email outreach campaigns to almost 1 million business contacts and closely monitored the changing landscape for learnings that we are able to share.

In brief, we have seen the following changes in behavior:

  • For the most part, business professionals are opening emails on Apple devices (laptops and desktops) using Chrome as their preferred browser and using WebMail applications such as SquirrelMail and RoundCube as their standard reading applications.  This is highly unusual behavior – typically for instance Microsoft Outlook running on an office PC in the norm.
  • Click through rates have increased significantly, in some cases from 11% to 56% as emails.

As a result of the above changes, we suggest the following changes to your cold email outreach campaigns:

  • Stop using complex HTML email templates
  • Start using plain text
  • Stop using link tracking to record link clicks
  • Use bullet points where possible to make emails easier to read
  • Address the lock down but don’t provide details

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