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How To Drive Webinar Registrations Using Cold Email Outreach

Join us on Wednesday, at 4pm

As our customers journey has turned more and more to the digital side, webinars have become a hugely popular tool to build brand awareness among our target audience.

A good webinar can cut a typical customer life cycle from weeks to less than a few days and if done well provide an immediate return on investment for what is a relatively simple channel to use.

In this webinar, our co-founder Duncan will walk you through how in April he successfully filled our end of month webinar – generating a full house of 100 completed webinar registrations, achieved 64 attendees, 9 qualified sales ready leads and 6 brand new customers in less than 24 hours.

In this webinar you will discover:

  • How to determine the perfect profile of your target webinar audience
  • How to get lookalike contact data that matches your perfect profile
  • How to cleanse your contact data before the delivery
  • How to write a webinar invitation that really cuts through the clutter and creates impact in the inbox
  • How to message your prospects a proven webinar invitation

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Duncan Gledhill

How To Drive Webinar Registrations Using Cold Email Outreach presented by

Duncan Gledhill
Director @Emailmovers Limited
A Cold Email Outreach Expert with over 17 Years Experience. Co-Founder of Emailmovers focused on Business to Business Lead Generation techniques and strategies.