What is Social Retargeting?

Social retargeting/remarketing is an addition to traditional email marketing that aims to re-target your readers with the same message, by placing ads on social sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google.

By displaying the same message again in a banner form to the same audience it will reinforce your offer and brand and can be a low cost option to generating more conversions.

Social Retargeting

How does Social Retargeting work?

Step 1 – Select your audience

Following an email campaign with Emailmovers you can choose to target your audience via another ad method – for example Facebook. We can import your email contacts into Facebook to see how many of those can be matched and targeted to on Facebook.

Step 2 – Design your ads

Once your audience has been created we can then help design you a banner ad that gets your message across and reinforces your brand. Here there are different sizing options and advertising spaces to choose from such as centre news feed or right-hand pane.

Step 3 – Track your success

When done properly social retargeting is incredibly powerful and will generate more conversions than just sending an email campaign on its own. You will see the costs for each click and will be able to track the success of each click. 

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