What is AdCards?

AdCards are part of a direct mail service powered by Emailmovers. Following an email marketing campaign with Emailmovers, you can choose to run a postcard campaign to your selected contacts, whether it is just the people that opened, clicked or the entire list, the choice is yours.

Working with all budgets you can ensure your audience is reminded of the email and offer they have first received by receiving a well designed and completely trackable postcard.

adcards direct mail campaign

How does it work?

Step 1 – Select your audience

The journey starts with an email campaign to a selected audience who may have an interest in the product or service you are offering. Then following the results from the campaign you can decide who you want to target for your direct mail campaign.

Step 2 – Design your AdCard

Our team can help you put together a highly visual and completely trackable postcard design that prompts a response or action. Here you can decide how you want your recipients to respond and the ad will be designed appropriately.

Step 3 – Track your success

Using a unique tracking link on your postcard (www.adcards.uk/your-company) you can drive recipients back to your website. This method has proven to help convert more contacts into actual sales.

What is VidCards direct mail service?

VidCards work in the same way as AdCards but include a Video or HD Video in your postcard. By including a screen inside your postcard your corporate video can be used to get your key message across in the form of a motion picture.

With plenty of size and quality options available, you can select the type of card that would suit your budget and needs.

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