Multi-Channel add-ons

‘The Spectra Approach’

Give your campaign extra targeting power by combining multi-channel add ons both online and offline to create a buzz around your offer.

We call this method ‘The Spectra Approach’ as the concept is about using a range of marketing channels with overlapping messages, in order to deliver a continuous channel of targeted communication.

Starting with email, the mixture, intensity and limitations of each subsequent channel is entirely up to you. The range of different multi-channel add ons you can select from are as follows:

Email Data & Campaign

The first step within the Emailmovers Spectra Approach is to choose your target audience. Select your contacts from the UK’s largest B2B email data file of around 1 million records and over 16 million B2C email data records based on your typical customer profile.

Once your target audience has been selected, Emailmovers will design and send your HTML email design with your offer to your contacts.

AdCards& VidCards

Following the initial email broadcast you can now start to target your key contacts (such as opens/clicks) with a Direct Mail piece. Depending on budget and requirements you can choose to send a standard postcard or a HD marketing video in a postcard for maximum impact.

These direct mail campaigns are completely trackable so you can see how well they are going and decide on the next direction to take.

Social Retargeting

Another option within the Spectra Approach is to re-target your audience again, this time through social such as Facebook, Google and Twitter.

Sending the same message again in a banner form, to the same audience increases your conversion rates and this option is a great way to target a key audience with low costs and high ROI.

SMS Marketing

If appropriate to your audience you could also send a targeted SMS campaign to select contacts who responded well to your other marketing, to really finish the whole campaign.

You could choose to just remind the contacts who have expressed an interest in the offer or your entire audience, by sending them a reminder SMS message with a unique link to your web offer.

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