Callmover is a unique email tracking software offered with every B2B campaign sent by Emailmovers. It allows you to track and view the contact details for everyone who opens/clicks your email campaign. Too often we see marketers keen to spend precious budget on email campaigns but fail to do the obvious and follow up their campaign. Hundreds or thousands of people may open your email so we encourage you to seek more opportunity by making contact with your recipients.

Callmover allows easy identification of warm leads and offers the call centre tools needed to allow operatives to store notes, schedule callbacks and send follow-up material.

See how Callmover email tracking works

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Interactive Statistics

Once your campaign is sent you can log into Callmover to check how many opened and clicked on your email campaign
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Track People who Click

Further track the people who click on your email campaign by what they specifically were interested in and the links they clicked on
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View Contact Details

Go a level deeper and view the contact details (email, postal and telephone) of a specific person who clicked and took relevant action on you email campaign
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Take Action

While making your sales call you can re-send your email or send documents such as your company brochure,  with one click of the mouse

Callmover Email Tracking Demo

Request a Callmover tracking demo

Request a free demo and walk-through of Callmover using the ‘Talk to Us’ box. Alternatively you can email our team on [raw] or call us on [/raw].

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Log in to Callmover

The Callmover feature is currently free to our clients. Free demos are also available on request.

If you are sending a campaign through Emailmover your account manager will send your log-in information shortly after your email campaign begins to deliver.

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