We are always putting together new downloads and guides to help you understand different areas of email marketing. From sending campaigns to cleaning your lists, there should be something to match your needs. Take a look at the range below in our archive and if there is a subject missing that you think would benefit having a download for, let us know!

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Surviving & Thriving

How Cold Email Marketing became the go to channel during Covid-19

At the end of March, the beginning of lockdown put most of our sales pipeline on hold. If we were to continue operating, we had to act fast to generate new leads that would replace it. We constructed a new email strategy that worked in 3 ways:

Take a look at the How Cold Email Marketing became the go to channel during Covid-19

We constructed a new email strategy that worked in 3 ways:

  1. Email marketing based on what we thought might happen
  2. Email marketing based on current events and announcements
  3. Email marketing based on lead analysis
Dive into email data

Dive Into Our Email Data

A brief breakdown of our complete B2B database

View or download our Data Breakdown to learn more about our B2B email database. See how 600,000 business email contacts in the UK breakdown into different categories.
Take a look at the Breakdown of our complete B2B Database

See information about how our B2B data is compiled, including:

  • A breakdown by Locations in the UK
  • A breakdown of different Job Roles
  • How we target by Industry
  • What is the generic breakdown?
  • What other selections can be made

All available in a Brief Document

2017 Holiday Campaign

2017 – Email Marketing Holiday Calendar

Our top tips for hitting the holiday season with your Email marketing. Although this calendar has dates specific to 2017, the holiday dates are appropriate for any year. With Key dates to remember and ideas for email themes, you can ensure your holiday marketing is planned well.
Take a look at our Email Marketing Holiday Calendar

Our Top 3 Tips are:

  • Start Now
  • Plan Around the Key Dates
  • Download our Calendar
GDPR Data Ready

Emailmovers, Our Customers and GDPR

With the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on 25th May 2018, we like to keep our customers updated with our views on GDPR.
This link shows you how our data is GDPR compliant including the lawful basis we process data under.
Take a look at Emailmovers, Our Customers and GDPR

Prospect Data vs Customer Data 2016

Prospect Data vs Customer Data

This PDF guide, named ‘Prospect Data vs Customer Data’, addresses questions and concerns relating to the two data types commonly used in Email Marketing.
Take a look at the Prospect Data vs Customer Data

Sections include:

  • The differences between the data
  • Changes in the Marketing Message
  • Why bother with prospecting?
  • People say I shouldn’t buy lists
  • So where does this fear come from?
  • Why did my email go into spam?
  • Real stats from campaigns of 2016
Data Quality For Prospect Email Marketing 2016

Data Quality for Prospect Email Marketing

In recent months, the Email Marketing industry has seen some difficult challenges. This has been especially the case when using ‘prospect data’, which is the type of email or marketing data used to acquire new customers.

For this reason, we have published a downloadable PDF guide titled ‘Data Quality for Prospect Email Marketing’, which is freely available to all and addresses the issues, hurdles and one of the solutions that will help maintain optimal campaign efficiency.

Take a look at the Prospect Email Marketing Guide

email marketing glossary

Email Marketing Glossary


We have designed the email marketing glossary to help with any terms that you will find in common use throughout the email marketing industry.

Use the glossary to find the definitions of terms and answers to your questions. We aim to keep adding to it and if you have any suggestions, these would be welcome.

Take a look at the Email Marketing Glossary 

the big green data detox

2015 Big Green Data Detox

By clearing out the toxins from your marketing database or email lists you are giving your business an immediate boost.

This infographic gives you the ‘nutritional facts’ around email data cleansing and offers you the chance to test Emailinspector – the email checking solution – for free!

To download the infographic click here

download email cleansing questions answered

Email List Cleansing: Questions Answered

Email validation is key to preventing bad email addresses appearing on your email list, improving deliverability and preventing capturing inaccurate data.

Here we answer the top 5 questions the team at Email Inspector are asked about email validation.

To download the guide click here

HTML Email Infographic

HTML Email Infographic

An HTML email design has lots of appeal for marketers, designers and consumers – but for coders, it’s a real headache to create them properly. There are many elements that can be stripped out by an email client – so never assume that the email will look exactly the same on all email programs.

We have put our ideas and knowledge on best practice HTML email design into one infographic for you to download, print and keep as an illustrated guide to getting it right!

To download the infographic click here

Email Marketing Checklist

The Email Marketing Checklist

There are many important factors to take into consideration before you send an email marketing campaign.

The aim of this checklist is to highlight all the important points to consider when emailing, in 4 stages:

1. Data Selection 2. HTML Design 3. Delivery 4. Results

If you don’t check everything before hitting the ‘send’ button, you could be lining yourself up for failure or even worse, complaints!

To download the checklist click here

secrets of email marketing

The 8 Secrets of Email Marketing

Are your email-marketing campaigns being seen by the right people? Or are your emails being ignored and unopened?

The emailing landscape changes very quickly and evolution is the key to success. This free guide is aimed to help the beginner and experienced marketer create an email campaign that will achieve results.

With advice on setting realistic goals, brand building, prospecting and expectations – this guide provides you with the essential skills you need to create a successful marketing campaign in layman’s terms.

To download the guide simply click here

HTML Email Design Guide

The Essential Guide to HTML Email Design

Here is a simple guide to help you through the construction of an HTML email, offering you advice as to best practices.

To download the guide simply click here

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