5 ways to improve your current marketing data strategy

With over 16 years of experience in the email and marketing industry we have worked with companies from most, if not all sectors. We’re finding many companies are reviewing their current strategies.

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How can you improve your marketing strategy with data?

1. Increase your Audience 

Bespoke Built Data Lists – Purchase a targeted UK or Global contact data list for your next email marketing campaign. With over 600,000 UK contacts and an ever-growing global reach, we can help you source the data you are looking for. Whether your audience is businesses or consumers – let us know your target audience and we will get back to you with pricing and volumes to license a GDPR compliant data list. 

2. Analyse your current datasets 

Lookalike Data Lists – Build a new database modelled on your current customers. We can help you analyse and identify your top customers for better targeting. Using business firmographics or consumer demographics, we can help you build a lookalike data set.

3. Tidy your current marketing datasets

Data Hygiene – Validate the email addresses and other data on your database. Sending to invalid email addresses will not only waste time and money, but also will affect your delivery and sender reputations. Depending on the age and state of your lists, we offer simple online verification or thorough validation options to help you cleanse your data. 

4. Update your current marketing datasets

Data Enhancement Service – Fill the gaps such as email on your databases. If you have a customer list but have missing or incomplete important information such as email addresses, we can append them for you. We will match your data set against our master universe to find missing information for you. 

5. Send consistent messages to your marketing contacts

Email Campaigns – Send campaigns to our data or your existing lists. With many options available, we can help you plan, design and send consistent messages to your customer lists. 

We’ve put together packages to help businesses of all sizes and budgets and working to fast turnarounds where timing is key. 

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