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Ask yourself 3 questions


1. How do you currently use your contact data?
2. What would you like to do with it?
3. What’s stopping you doing it now?

The answer to the 3rd question is almost always around the quality or presence of correct information.

We can help to identify invalid elements of information within your file – email, postal, telephone. From this, we can append the missing bits of information and improve your file in the most important ways.

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Give your database a Spring Clean

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Is your customer database in the need of a Spring Clean? emailInspector checks the email addresses you hold are valid and working. It will remove bad email addresses and leave you with a clean list to start your email marketing off on a great step this new financial year.

If you find that your customer database gets a high hard bounce, then your email addresses no long exist and are out of date.

emailInspector works in 3 simple steps:

1. Purchase an emailInspector plan – from as little as £15
2. Upload your database of email addresses for Email Inspector to check
3. Duplicate and Invalid email addresses are identified and removed

Once you have removed the bad email addresses from your database you may benefit from appending the missing email addresses.

1. Submit your customer database to be matched against our master database
Email Appending works in 3 steps:

2. When a match is found the new email address is verified and added to your datbase
3. Your database is returned with fresh email addresses

Your returned database will then allow you to begin multi-channel marketing.

Does my database need a Spring Clean?

If you think your database might benefit from Email cleansing or appending speak to one of our consultants who will be able to offer the advice you need.


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